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Comfortable clothes:
Chemotherapy can last anywhere from 1 to 8 hours and may involve overnight hospital stays.
Socks and/or close-toed shoes:
If you insist on open-toed shoes, bring socks just in case.
A warm blanket:
Something about cuddling up with a nice blanket that brings instant comfort.
Your favorite snacks:
You may get hungry and may want to eat out of boredom.
Headaches are common during chemotherapy and many can be linked to dehydration.
Don’t leave home without your headphones and favorite playlists.

A laptop or tablet:
Use your laptop or tablet to keep up with work or your personal to-do list, catch up on your favorite show or otherwise pass the time.

Books or magazines:
During chemotherapy, you have plenty of time to read.

A journal:
Instead of bottling up your feelings, write down
your fears, anger, hopes, dreams, and prayers.

Board games or mind games:
Pass the time by playing board games or puzzles.

Hard candy:
Dry mouth can be a side effect from treatment but hard candy can help, e.g., ginger candies or lemon drops.

A designated driver:
You’ll be exhausted after chemotherapy, so bring someone who can take you to and from chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy can be tough, but staying positive can make a big difference.
Write motivational sayings on index cards or in your journal.

Conversations with friends can often ease the realities of chemotherapy.

Certain chemotherapy drugs can cause mouth sores and chapped lips.


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