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There Are Several

Ways for Coping with Cancer

Manage Your Emotions1

Self-image is how a person views himself or herself. Because of the many physical and emotional changes after a cancer diagnosis, people may experience positive and negative changes to their self-image, e.g., hair loss, sadness, an appreciation for the strength of the body.3

How Can You Cope with

Your Self-image Changes?3

Allow time to adjust. Accepting a cancer diagnosis and undergoing treatment may change your life

Talk with others who have been in similar situations

Build a network of friend and family who can support you and help you feel positive

Ask for and accept help

Let your healthcare team know your worries and concerns

Remain active as much as possible. Physical activity can help people feel more energetic

Fear of Treatment-Related
Side Effects4

As you prepare to start cancer treatment, it is normal to fear treatment-related side effects. But do NOT BE AFRAID to talk with your healthcare team about possible side effects and how to manage them.4

How to Cope with Your Fears?4

Ask your doctor for a list of symptoms that may require immediate care

Stay involved in your care and express your thoughtsho have been in similar situations

Stay focused on the present

Keep a journal to record your feelings and your experiences

Try relaxing techniques such as deep breathing, music, yoga, and meditation

Give yourself time to grieve physical loses and adjust to your new body

Talk with your family and loved ones about your expectations and concerns

Support Someone Who Has Cancer5

There are some things to consider before talking to a friend who has cancer.5

Helpful tips when supporting a friend.5

Seek Counselling and Find a Support Buddy2

Counselling helps people respond to their mixed emotions
about life’s challenges.6

to Join a Support Group7


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